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Jeff Mason
Jeff Mason

Music has certainly been a part of Jeff Mason's life for longer than he can remember. If you ask his family they will tell you he was singing before he could talk. When he was very young he took to instruments of all types but very quickly progressed on the piano since that was what he had in his Enfield NH home. He began writing songs on piano around the age of 10 years old but began showing more interest in his older brothers guitar. While living in Florida at the age of 13, his parents bought him an acoustic. Three days later in Kissimmee Jeff's band experience began with his friend Kent on drums (It’s probably best there are no recordings of that). Since then, he has never been without a guitar.

As soon as Jeff graduated high school he began making a living playing music. Since then and like most musicians, Jeff has played in a number of bands during his musical journey. Sometimes on Bass, other times on guitar. Most of these groups including, The Austin Winch Band, The Cast and Devout enjoyed mild success in the club circuit but all of these experiences helped develop his style. In the mid 90’s after a brief hiatus from live gigs, Jeff brought a group of musicians together to finish recording a number of his original songs.

This was the beginning of "Rock Mason" It was immediately clear that there was something special about this music and the band decided to take it to the road. Now known as The Jeff Mason Band this group of musicians and friends alike have the drive to make music their vehicle for success. As the songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for the band, Jeff finds new inspiration each time he plays with this great group of guys. There is a magic generated among these players that all musicians strive to feel. Many of the songs on the Jeff Mason Band's debut record, “Get Busy Living,” have something special that is felt immediately upon first listen. Check the JMB out Live at their next show.

Look for the Jeff Mason Band CD “Get Busy Living” here or at your favorite online record store and keep your eyes open for the bands new disc "JMB Too" . Click the gigs tab above for appearances of the JMB paying tribute to the bands who have inluenced us throughout our careers.

Jeff can be reached at

Larry Cugini Larry Cugini

Larry started his musical career as a log splitter in fiji. This was quite impressive to the native woman as he used no tools. By the time he was 8 years old he had reputation that led him to attending and winning the Fijian lumber jack nationals. The prize, an all expenses paid trip to the other side of the island. During the 3 minute plane ride to the other end of the runway there was an issue with the plane because someone forgot to shut off their cell phone which like totally screwed the planes autopilot and navigation. Larry had to make the rest of the journey through the dense jungle. Over the next 3 days Larry bravely fought his way through the 80 foot jungle battling large insects and 2 wild field mice and a cricket. Upon reaching the other side of the island Larry was astonished when came to another huge ocean. Well, .it could have been the same one but it was hard to tell because the waves were coming from the exact opposite direction. Knowing that he need nourishment to survive he started digging for clams. After about 30 second or so he found a buried treasure full of gold. Just as he started pulling up his find he was hit in the head with a falling coconut. When he awoke, he knew the life of a musician was what he was destined for. In order to get used to this new life style as soon as possible he buried the treasure back up, built a raft and paddled to New England in search of the Jeff Mason Band or whatever they are calling this group this week. Not having any previous lessons, musical knowledge or training made him the perfect candidate for guitarist position. After the first rehearsal Larry was the best player in the band. Now people travel for blocks to see what some are calling "Larry's New Band"

Adam Frost Adam Frost

Adam hails from the great little town of Mendon Mass. He has laid down grooves in New England's musical pavement for the last 25 years, most recently with the Taren Yelle Band. Adam plays a number of Kewl basses but his by far fav is his Music Man. Influences are many in developing the seasoned solid style but when asked what band he likes to check out when not playing with the JMB... Bela Fleck will be the response. Adam enjoys crocheting, hunting wild game and yodeling simultaneously.Come enjoy the smooth, melodic bottom Adam delivers to Jeff Mason Band and the JMB's "Alter Ego". He can be reached at

Jeff B Jeff Ballou

Playing drums since age 10, Jeff has played in bands since age 13. After High school he went on to college where he studied jazz, learning different styles and approaches to incorporate into his rock drumming. During that time he was a member of 2 battle of the band winners, one which went to regional semi-finals hosted by MTV. After college, Jeff played in numerous gigging bands from metal to rock, progressive to top 40 and ultimately landed a respectable drumming spot for local country artist Timmy Brown playing on stages from Boston to NY. Jeff has graced the stages of Indian Ranch, Toby Keith's, Tin Rooster, Hard Rock Cafe, Loretta's Last Call, and numerous music festivals while sharing the stage with national acts. Jeff has a wide variety of influences that helped sculpt a unique and solid playing style which kept him busy as a semi-pro drummer... Recently he has been drawn back to his roots by many early influences and found the perfect fit for his talent with the Jeff Mason Band, A band he admired for many years due to the extra effort they put into properly reproducing the musical nuances of some the greatest rock and roll songs of our generation! .. Come see Jeff swing his sticks at the next JMB or Alter Ego Show! Jeff can be reached at

Mattie Matt Niro

AKA "Mattie" has been an area staple for weeks entertaining a number of people.. twice. All this after an impressive career as a taste tester for Dow Chemical. He graduated High school Magna pig Latin at the age of 34 before taking over as manager of the PhotoMat in Manchaugvilletownfield. When he is not sleeping Mattie spends his time working on the next big thing..his solar powered sun reflector. Oh ya, and he plays guitar too sometimes even rehearsing. Neighbors have commented things like "What they Hell does he do up there?" and said that at times he has played for 5 minutes straight…the rest of the time he organizes his closet or makes da gravy. The band hasn't noticed any issues in his playing but likely will once he plugs in. Put all this together and you get the perfect rock drummer. Unfortunately we needed a guitarist but he is learning.. Mattie plays Yooka Laylees, Akoos tiks and can be reached on the corner in front of the pharmacy or at"

Alan Anderson Alan Anderson

Alan is a freak'n wizard in a mans body..Nuff said